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Powertech Static Voltage Regulator is a power conditioning solution to ensure uninterrupted and transient free operation of connected load. It is indigenously designed having combination of microcontroller & thyristor technology having true RMS Measurement, for the Control of Voltage Variations. It provides reliability & fast response times results in high MTBF. Static Voltage Regulator also provides Ultra isolation between input and output supply.


Thyristor technology based solid state static voltage regulator, capable of handling large voltage fluctuation.
Very high correction speed and output accuracy.
Fastest response time.
Inbuilt Ultra-isolation between input and output.
Very high mean time between failure (MTBF)
More than 96% efficiency.
Digital metering facility for voltage, Current and frequency.
Available in wide range of Capacity and models.
Uniquely designed enclosure for outdoor as well as indoor operations

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