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Powertech is a solution providing company that helps to overcome the challenges of the passive infrastructure companies. We provides technology with service, Powertech collaborates with its clients to help them become high-performance businesses. And better service providers with deep hardware skills and software expertise.

The Telecom Operators companies share their operations with the infrastructure management Companies to optimize their capital investments. These companies face a number of challenges which includes:-

Keeping sites live.
Reduce fuel theft cases
Site maintenance
Inventory maintenance
Intrusions at the telecom sites.
Monitoring and Managing telecom sites
To keep a track of alarm and Site Status
And many more

These telecom companies are looking for cost-effective solutions that can reduce their operating cost. Powertech presents a solution that can overcome all the challenges of the infrastructure companies. TIMS (Telecom Infrastructure Management Systems) This solution is a combination of hardware and software system which gives a “Real Time” data of the telecom sites presents in remote areas and also generates reports which give the analysis of energy used by different operators to the concerned companies.

TIMS (Tele Infra Management System) is the proven and robust solution for all critical issues occurred at the telecom sites. A Centralized Management System where all the information of remote equipment monitoring, access, control and security is assured in one common platform. It bridges the vital site to Network Administrator to view the real site status and its criticalities. The System is made mainly with an aspect of security and Energy saving. This is done with the help of RMS (Remote Monitoring System) which monitors the remote sites. And a Centralized Management System where all the information of remote sites are collected from RMS via GPRS technology.

The system gives a solution to the critical issues with the help of RMS (Remote Monitoring System). The Remote monitoring system is designed with the purpose of monitoring of telecom sites in remote areas which increases energy saving and reduces manpower. Continuous observation on the cell sites can be kept by placing RMS on it. The system measures various parameters of the cell site and with the help of wireless communication it sends the measured parameters to the centralized server. The data received at the server are used to generate highly elaborative and explanatory reports in the form of Graphs and comparative data sheet, by which a track on the overall performance on the cell sites can be kept. The report gives the overall energy consumed and energy wasted at the cell sites.


Diesel filling approval system
Daily DG run register and entry system
Diesel filling and extra stock information
Check on Diesel consumption rate
MIS For diesel filling and consumption
Tenant wise DC Energy consumption


Site – wise collection of electricity bill report with amount and due date.
Submission of bills & reports
Diesel consumption and electricity bill comparison.

 Alarms and SMS:

Alarm screens with live status of sites.
Information about alarms cleared in past.
Site/Priority wise alarms.
Automatic information of alarms to the concern via “SMS”.
Direct site view option.
Customized alarm view.
Centralized management of entire network.
Increased quality of service through real time network supervision.
Alarm notification via E-mail and SMS
Improved security and access control surveillance.
TIMS focused on reduction of OPEX (Operational expenditure), It enables direct cost reduction by collecting, maintaining and Processing data.

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