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The fastest leading sector in the world is the telecom sector, to provide better performance and better services at a cost effective values the telecom operators are moving towards the passive infrastructure companies. The topmost leading passive infrastructure companies like WTTIL, GTL, and Tower vision share their telecom sites with different operators.

The biggest challenge these infrastructure companies are facing is the energy situation at a cell site. Effective management of various energy assets like the DG Sets, the EB Power, and the Battery Back-up are used to provide continuous power supply to the telecom towers to keep the sites live.

Our solution TIMS (Tele Infrastructure Management System) is one of the solution that is being used by the infrastructure companies, this solution gives the overall performance of the cell sites, it consist of a hardware device called as RMS that is placed at the site, the device measures various parameters from the site and sends it to the server, in every 3 minutes bulk of data are received at the server these data are of no use if they are not present in proper format, to present these data in a proper format Powertech analytics are used to generate reports these reports are used to analyze the overall performance of the cell site.

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