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Access control has the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity. An access control system works on a mechanism that permits to access a system only to the authorized and known person. It has a wide application in industrial, commercial and residential areas.

The access control system introduced by Powertech uses I-button technology in it, an I-Button is a computer chip with a globally unique address, factory-lasered at time of manufacture (think of it as a URL for each I-Button), enclosed in a 16mm stainless-steel case. I-Buttons can include read/write memory, real-time clocks, and temperature/humidity data loggers. They deliver or record data wherever needed. All this power and capability make I-Buttons ideal for a wide range of applications including access control, eCash transactions, asset tracking, and environmental data logging.

Other complementary technologies such as Bar codes, RFID tags, magnetic stripe, prox, and smart cards are some of the possibilities. Unlike bar codes and magnetic stripe cards, most of the I-Buttons can be read AND be written to. The communication rate and product breadth of I-Buttons goes is much better then the simple memory products typically available with RFID. The durability and life of I-button is more then RFID tags.

I-Buttons have an advantage over conventional smart cards in term of durability and longevity. The stainless steel casing gives I-Button a far greater ability to survive in a range of temperatures, all versions are functional from -40 C to +70 C and in a much harsher range of environments (such as exposure to salt water and long term exposure to physical impacts) than the plastic smart card. For e-commerce and personal ID usage, I-Buttons can be mounted on a range of personal accessories: watch, ring, key chain, or dog tag.


I-Button to provide a wireless connection to the reader, It allows the I-button tag to be direct touch by a reader in applications such as secured entrances.
We can provide Reading and Writing 1-wire devices through serial Interface.
Maximum 50 users can access one system.
We can add the key no. through key board or remotely.
It can be connected to Internet through RSS (Remote Surveillance System).
Two dry contact relay outputs are provided. One relay is the ACCESS RELAY (K1), which triggers for Settable seconds from which we can connect magnetic lock.
The second relay is for HOOTER, when if someone forgets to close the door properly, the hooter is operated for settable time or if FIRE/SMOKE is occurred then the Hooter is operated.

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