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The use of Generators has become a very common in almost every passive infrastructure companies, Industries, hospitals, Townships etc. while using these Generators a number of challenges are faced by the user such as maintaining the Quality of grid power, asset protections, generator maintenance, capturing real time data, Remotely monitoring of the generator, fuel theft monitoring, Data collection Analysis issues, Human dependency etc.

The Generator Monitoring System is designed specifically for emergency power generators to monitor engine operations and detect pre-alarms or failures. This insures you of increased generator availability and a rapid response to service problems. The GMS monitors the power generators placed at the remote areas and increases its Efficiency by monitoring the various parameters of generator, Reporting critical Problems minimizes downtime and maximizes availability by sending generator failure messages instantly to you for diagnosis and emergency service dispatch if required. The GMS is used in standby, prime and rental power applications.

It works on GSM/ GPRS technology, GMS can monitor various parameters such as external power supply, the battery voltage, DG run hours, fuel level, etc. In normal condition it generates highly elaborative and explanatory reports in the form of Graphs and comparative data sheet. These web based reports are easily accessible, anywhere, any time. You will instantly receive reports over the Internet via a secure web page. Typical reports include system status, last update and summary reports.

Key Features

The key features of the product are mentioned as follows:-

Monitor up to 8 Digital inputs, DG battery voltage, Temperature. Transducers Voltage etc.
Gives interactive reports in case, there is any need for keeping track of the overall fuel consumption.
Monitors Fuel level & fuel theft
Immediate alarm sensing & Display
Fuel wastage Reduction
Operational Cost Reduction
Relay ON/OFF through Web & SMS
Better ROI

Software Capabilities

Alarm ON/OFF time
Status of the Alarm ON per day
Fuel Consumption/ Top Up/ Fuel alerts
Low fuel level indication
DG Battery voltage monitoring and its indication
Temperature condition of Generator
EB & DG run Hour. (If EB ON and DG ON alarm is provided)
Average Fuel Consumption with DG Runs time per day.(If Fuel Level Sensor is Provided)
Energy consumption :- Daily/Weekly Monthly(With energy meter)
Popup for Genset location (Manual)

Reports Generation

The following are the lists of reports which are to be generated:-

Alarm Status & EB Fail Hours
DG Run Hours
Fuel Management
DG Battery Voltage Reports
SMS Reports and Alerts
DG AC Energy Consumption
EB AC Energy Consumption
Interactive Graphs
Site Data
Inventory Management Reports (Installation Date, Material Movement Information, etc.)

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