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Adoption of advance End to End M2M Remote Monitoring Solution by todays organization becomes fruitful in

Integrating Data Workforce
Customer Information System
Monitoring of Remote Assets
Asset Monitoring & Management
Improving Network Reliability
Reduced Costs

Powertech’s Remote Monitoring Solution is robust solution for monitoring, management and controlling the remote key assets of any organization anywhere in the world. It reduces downtime and human interference and increases the overall performance of the assets it is an End 2 End solution for Asset Monitoring and Management. It is Comprehensive offering to enhance business operations with better decisions. This Solution allows access to real time information allowing to make any changes required for the better performance of the assets.


Increased Availability of information
Reduced Operation and Maintenance Costs
Increased Asset Life Forecasting
Tracking and Analysis Budgeting for Next Year
Vendor - Supplier Appraisal

Applications Areas

Telecom Network Monitoring
Environmental Monitoring
Remote Security and Video Surveillance
Business Process Management
Industrial Automation
Vehicle tracking

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