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Powertech’s AMR (Automatic Remote Meter) reading is an intelligent innovative process of measurement through digital communication technique. All the disadvantages of Stand alone conventional meter reading are overcomed in AMR reading. Critical issues in Standalone Meter Reading is that it is highly person dependant, human errors cannot be avoided, billing done mainly on estimated / monthly average basis and so on.

Ability to detect tamper events and outage occurrences
Remotely Connect/ Disconnect power supply through meter
Calculate transformer loading and sizing from interval data
Consistent and granular data for improved accuracy
Better network performance and cost efficiency

Powertech’s AMR is perfect and proven solution and has benefits to Electric Company as well as to the customer.

Electric Company Benefits

Smart automated processes instead of manual work.
Customize rates and billing dates
Streamlined high bill investigation
Detection of tampering of meters
Accurate measurement of transmission losses
Better network performance and cost efficiency
Demand and distribution management

Customer Benefits

Precise consumption information
Clear and accurate billing
Automatic outage information and fast recovery
Better and fast customer Service
Flag potential high consumption before customer gets a high bill

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