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Powertech presents the server solution facility, where the customers can use our server services in order to remotely monitor their assets, the data will be maintained at Powertech server and the Analytical software solution will be used to generate reports which will provide the overall performance of your asset.

For delivering information through web-based application Remote Server Solution are used. With the help of Server solution you can plug your device and get the desired data at your desktop. Server Solution logs the data and sends it to the server to make it visible at the user end for better analysis and preventive approach for reducing downtime. This is the fastest process to remotely monitor your device placed at any location.

Our Server Solution work as an intelligent End 2 End M2M solution to monitor the Remote Key Assets. This single interfacing platform applicable to all your needs. It is Full Functioned versatile platform having connectivity for GPRS, RS485 transceiver and RS232 interface.

Powertech’s Server Solution empowers the monitoring of your remote devices through centralized server via internet. For delivering information through web-based application Server Solution (GPS/GPRS/Ethernet platform) works as innovative and flexible approach. It is the perfect and handy solution, plug your device and get the desired data live.


Better Interface for Easy Connectivity
Web based Communication
Centralization of Assets and their Structured Data
Alarming & Alerting
KPI Reports
Different Levels of Security as per need
Powered up through external DC voltage.

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