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Powertech has designed a device which automatically maintains the Power supplied to the AC. Time to time switching ON and OFF of AC avoids access cooling and heating of the atmosphere. This balances the room temperature and also reduces the wear and tear of AC, AC Controller is one of the most economical and energy saving device.

Smart Eco Cool

Powertech’s Smart Eco Cool provides energy saving automatic operation of Multiple Air Conditioner (split/ window / package) as it switch ON requisite numbers of AC units as per temperature requirement. It monitors the Status of Electricity supply and in case of any deviations from the set values of electrical parameters it cut off the AC Supply hence protects the ACs.

In case of any fault occurrence in an AC, that AC is bypassed from the cycle of operation and that fault is indicated by proper signals and alarms. The device is best suitable for unmanned sites as in case of telecom switching sites or any other work station. Its advanced version includes built fire alarming system.

Advanced Microcontroller technology
Password protection to restrict unauthorized operation
LCD Display for monitoring of parameters in scrolling fashion
Inbuilt buzzer for fault annunciation
System bypass for individual ACs
Data logging facility
Available for 2-4 AC Control Operation

Economic Eco Cool

Powertech’s Economic Eco Cool is an Energy Efficient version of AC Controllers suitable for continuous operation and supervision of multiple ACs at unmanned sites, it insures the maximum efficiency of ACs and considerable amount of energy saving, as it operates only those numbers of AC, which are sufficient to maintain the temperature (cyclic operation). It incorporates many users settable parameters for easy use.

Advanced microcontroller technology
User friendly programming
Auto/Manual Mode of operation
Status indication for separate AC
Seven segment display for temperature monitoring
Under/ Over Voltage Protection
Compatible with Data Loggers RS 232, RS 485 communication
Potential free contacts for Alarms extension
In built buzzers

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