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Powertech’s Automated Integrated Utility System is to ensure uninterrupted and Transient Free operation of the location telecom switching Stations, as it incorporates all the essential components to support complete utility automation of the switching site.

Powertech’s ensures smooth working of the Telecom sites against erratic AC Mains inputs and optimizes the running hours of the DG set, it uses micro controller technology having true RMS measurement for the control and Monitoring of the Electro-mechanical Services at the switch Location. Its reliability and fastest response time results in high MTBF. The integral parts of the system are as follows:


Efficiency of static voltage regulator is more than 98%.
Lightening, transient voltage & surge protection
Alarms Management and Fire Detection with system Cut Off Facility.
Static Voltage regulator with Ultra – Isolation
Intelligent Auto mains Failure Panel to control one or two DG sets
Lightening & Surge Arresters
Air Conditioner Controller(optional)
Alarms and Sensors Management
In built Battery Charger for DG battery
AC Distribution system
Aviation Lamp Controller
Communication Ports (Optional)

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