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Powertech presents a Variety of security and energy saving devices one of those devices is called as Remote Monitoring System which is designed to monitor and manage the telecom sites and control them to keep a continuous network session. The RMS is designed with an aspect of monitoring and performing all the remote operations, it uses a combination of hardware & software to measure different parameters. The measured parameters are used to analyze the performance of the cell site and keep a track on them.

There are a number of problems which usually occurs in sites of remote areas, in order to maintain a continuous network session an eye starting from the power supplied to the transmitted signal has to be kept which is a very difficult task to do. The use of RMS at the remote areas has successfully overcome all these problems occurring at the sites.

The RMS monitors various physical parameters which are very important to keep the sites live for proper communication network, any type of variations in these parameters may result in Energy loss, time loss and Money loss.

The hardware devices like Transducers & Sensors that are used in RMS measures all type of parameters from the cell site and by using wireless communication medium Which consist of GPRS technology sends the measured values to the Centralized Server where it is converted into webpage that can be seen anywhere. The centralized server is made up of software device which has java technology that can handle large number of Data, sites and traffic. A single server can handle up to 10,0000 remote sites.

Reporting of critical Problems minimizes the network failure of cell sites and reduces Operation and maintenance cost, increases asset life & overall performance of the sites

Remote Monitoring System provides a feature, where user can name any alarm as per his desire by using hyper terminal, also user has the control over assignment of relay to preferred alarm and also allocation of data logging feature to any alarm.

Reports Generated

DC -Voltage, current, energy
Mains voltages (RYB)
Room temperature
Fuel in liters
16 Digital Faults appearance
Data logging of faults and date/time information for better visibility

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