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Powertech’s AMF Panel is programmable embedded module, in this panel monitors availability of Power from Electricity Board and in case of any failure it automatically starts the DG and shifts the load on DG. Sudden power failure increases the wear and tear of the equipment and decreases its overall performance. By shifting the load directly to the DG without making any delay avoids all type of fluctuations occurring in the equipment.

Advanced Micro Controller Technology.
Continuous Monitoring of Power Supplies Status for Electricity Board and DG
Available with Lightening and Surge Arresters
Comprehensive set of Timers and Functions and Metering Facility to Monitor Voltage / Current / Frequency and battery voltage of DG.

The Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) Panel has wide range of feature with generator start, stop, and Monitoring and protection facilities. The programmable embedded module in this panel monitors availability of power from Electricity Board and in case of any failure it automatically starts DG and shifts the load on DG, after shifting the load it continuously monitors the healthiness of it. In case of any fault in DG it triggers OFF the DG and indicates via LEDs/LCD, and alarm can be extended through its potential free contact. It continuously monitors the status of mains supply if it restored then it shifts the load on mains with proper recool time for DG. The panel provides a comprehensive set of timers and function and metering facility to monitor voltage/current/frequency and battery voltage of DG.

A digital fuel level sensor can also be provided with the system to measure the level of fuel in the tank. In case of low fuel in the tank an alarm is generated which indicates low fuel level in the tank. The fuel consumption by DG can be cross checked by DG run hour and reading of digital fuel sensor.


Generator starting, stopping and monitoring sequence.
Automatic shutdown during any DG fault.
Fault indication via LED/LCD and potential free contacts.
Easy to configure.
Large number of configurable timers.
Continuous monitoring of three-phase Voltage/Current/Frequency of mains and DG along with battery voltage of DG.
Continuous monitoring of DG supplies Status for Electricity Board and DG.
Provides Fuel level & fuel consumption by DG.
Available with lightening and surge arresters.

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