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Powertech introduces a monitoring system which monitors the capacity of your battery bank which is known as “Battery Monitoring System” the system monitors the Bank Voltage, Bank Current, AH (Ampere Hour) capacity of the battery bank, it also detects cell failure of the battery bank. It monitors the Charging & Discharging of Bank.

BMS Shows the Discharged & Charged KWh for calculating Battery Bank Efficiency. Battery Monitoring System also provides Cumulative Discharged AH for Battery Life Calculation, Battery Bank Discharge Cycle Counter, Data for monitoring Charging & Discharging of Bank, Battery Charge/Discharge Hours Counter.


Battery Voltage monitoring
Two cell voltage monitoring
Monitoring of Battery Current
Charge and Discharge energy monitoring
Charging and Discharging hours of battery
Battery backup in percentage (%)
Cell faulty alarm generation
16x2 LCD and Keypad
Programmable Shunt ration
Programmable cell faulty value setting
Programmable charge Ampere setting
RS232 or RS485 Communicable

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