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Sudden power failure causes various types of fluctuations on the equipments running, these fluctuations also results in improper coordination between power plant battery and Diesel Generators (DG), as power fails the DG automatically starts without even checking the battery status, in such conditions the energy of DG is wasted even when battery backup is available.

Powertech has brought the solution to overcome this usually occurring problem by making DG Controller which is designed to make the coordination between Power Plant Battery and the Diesel Generator (DG), so that DG does not start when the battery bank is able to give back up if it is charged up to sufficient voltage level. This intelligent Controller checks the status of DG in case of Mains Supply. Room temperature, Battery voltage of Power Plant and DG Running time.

It starts the DG for testing up to preset time set by the user (1-9 minutes optional) and extends the DG healthy Alarm and Run the site on power plant Battery mode and continuously monitors the battery voltage as well as Room Temperature.

Its starts the DG and runs the site on DG power as set by the user (1.00 to 9.59 hours), if any of the above two parameters cross their set level. It extends high room temperature and low battery voltage alarm and also triggers on the DG. It keeps the site on DG power till

Preset time set by the User
Mains power supply restored

It triggers of the DG when the room temperature falls to Low room temperature. The above sequence of the action will be repeated if EB power does not resume back even after batteries are charged completely or normal room temperature is attained.

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